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In this part of our website we will discuss  very specialized topics   that   are the result of  research undertaken to understand   and implement the behavior of the  cold   in the tissues.   That's right  "issues" .

Will be described   more indicative  work of scholars and researchers   who have ventured   in this specific field   of cryosurgery.  The study   we present,  is housed in   posters   that were displayed   in the Faculty of   Mathematics   of the University of   Genoa.

It' a set of  reports   that summarize the topics and main steps  of a publication   made by the department   ( DIMA)  of the Faculty itself .

(Giovanni Giorgi, Leopoldo Avalle, Massimo Brignone, Michele Piana and Giacomo Caviglia.  An optimization approach to multiprobe cryosurgery planning. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering May 2011; 00: 1–14.)

I remember from few years   this Faculty has studied, thanks to the foresight of Professors Michele Piana and Giacomo Caviglia and their team, simulations of diffusion of low temperatures in biological tissues.

This   work, carried out   by Dr.   Giovanni   Giorgi   and colleagues   addresses   an optimal methodology   for   determining the number of  cryoprobes  and their position in a hypothetical biological tissue  afflicted  with   cancer.

The process   simulation   uses   strategies   that   take the   ants   in their path   in search of food .
The results were encouraging and stimulus to continue   towards objectives ever more real   and effective.

Dott. Leopoldo Avalle

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